Organizing and visualizing data affords researchers the ability to convert raw data into something useful. The ability to generate interactive, analytical visualizations from data is a skill that is becoming an increasingly integral part of investigating spatially-oriented research questions in the humanities. This workshop leverages freely available tools that make it quite easy for the digital “newbie” to not only wrangle imperfect data, but to build web interactives that help to communicate distinct, analytical points of view. If you’re new to data analysis and visualization, this workshop is for you.

How do experts in humanities and social science fields make meaningful interventions when working with large collections of documents? How do we move from text data to public, community, or organizational change? This IHR Nexus Lab working group in Text-Based Modeling (TBM) is for faculty and graduate students or any researcher that is interested in learning how to move from document collections to datasets, from datasets to analysis, and from analysis to presentation and impact.