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Graduate Students Opening Doors to Digital Humanities

ASU Night of the Open Door

For the last four years, ASU has been opening its doors to the public and inviting them to come learn more about all of the innovative things going on at its different campuses through Night of the Open Door. This year, Night of the Open Door is taking place on the Tempe Campus Saturday, February 28, 2015, from 4:00pm to 9:00pm.

Spring 2016 Workshop Recap: Decision Design & Visual Analytics for Sustainability Applications

Recent English PhD graduate Kent Linthicum demonstrates text analysis methods to other participants in the Nexus Lab's spring 2016 Decision Design and Visual Analytics Workshop

The Decision Design and Visual Analytics for Sustainability Applications workshop, run by the Institute for Humanities Research Nexus Lab this past spring, is an excellent example of the kind of transdisciplinary and engaged humanities scholarship for the 21st century that both ASU and the IHR generate and support.

Spring 2016 Workshop Recap: User Experience with Technology

At the start of the 2016 spring semester, the IHR Nexus Lab offered a free workshop on user experience (UX), an approach to design that draws from the humanities and STEM fields to think about how people will engage with the product. All too often, designers focus on the tangible benefits of a new product—how it will offer its user new abilities, speed up productivity, or refine pre-existing technology—without bearing in mind that those benefits are only fully realized when the product also makes sense to the human being who has to use it.


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