Device Privacy Drop In

Mar/21 11:00
Nexus Lab (5th Floor, Coor Hall)

March 21 Jamie Winterton (ASU's Global Security Initiative, Director of Strategy and Cyber expert) will be in Nexus for a "Digital Privacy Drop-In" from 11-1.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 11:00

Nexus Lab (5th Floor, Coor Hall)

Are you asking yourself: How can I use public wifi safely? If I’m worried about being tracked on the internet, how can I protect myself? And how am I supposed to keep track of all those complex passwords, anyway?

Then bring your devices and your personal security questions to (insert location) for a 20-minute, one-on-one or bring friends for a group cyber-consultation. Our friendly cybersecurity expert will help find the right tools and techniques to solve your problems, as well as help you install and use them properly. You don’t have to be a cyber ninja to stay safe online, and trust me, this is fun...and FREE.

This event is a co-sponsored event with the Human Security Collaboratory

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