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Graduate Students Opening Doors to Digital Humanities

For the last four years, ASU has been opening its doors to the public and inviting them to come learn more about all of the innovative things going on at its different campuses through Night of the Open Door. This year, Night of the Open Door is taking place on the Tempe Campus Saturday, February 28, 2015, from 4:00pm to 9:00pm. Two PhD candidates in the Rhetoric, Composition, and Linguistics program in the Department of English will be showcasing their Digital Humanities work: Cristobal Martinez and Dawn Opel.

Cristobal Martinez will be presenting Radio Healer, a group of indigenous hacker-artists performing electro-acoustic music. Using this digital project as a lens, Martinez will lead discussions about the nature of technology and its impact on shaping our values through everyday experiences. His presentation will take place from 6:30pm-9:00pm in Durham Language and Literature 105.

Dawn Opel is asking participants in this event to join her in solving a mystery with Sherlock Holmes. After learning more about this iconic detective, Opel will begin a discussion on digital fan fiction surrounding Sherlock Holmes and how it can be used in the English classroom. Interested individuals will have two opportunities to participate in this experience: from 7:00pm to 8:00pm and then again from 8:00pm to 9:00pm in Durham Language and Literature 109.

Join us in supporting Dawn and Cristobal in these exciting efforts. The Nexus Lab is really excited to see Digital Humanities projects being showcased at this event, and we know that these projects will help to promote the power of transdisciplinary thinking!

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We Can’t Get Enough Vibrant Data!

First of all, join us in thanking Prof. Jacqueline Wernimont for a wonderful presentation and brainstorming session on Vibrant Data last Thursday!

During our discussion, many of us #ASUDH-ers realized just how much possibility Vibrant Data has for our own research, as well as the opportunity for collaboration with our peers who are also interested in this notion. As a result, the IHR Nexus Lab will be coordinating a monthly working group for those individuals interested in continuing the discussions we began last week. If you’re interested in joining, please click here to sign-up for the new Vibrant Data Working Group.

Were you not able to attend but are curious about what you missed last Thursday, checkout the notes from our discussion.

Wernimont explaining the historicity of Vibrant Data with parish registers
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The Developing Wassaja Project Website Goes Live

Before the holiday break, we announced a new, intensive workshop series that is focused on helping faculty, staff, and students learn the skills needed to create sustainable web applications for research projects: Developing Wassaja. There was so much interest in this workshop that we had to put people on a waiting list. (What a wonderful problem to have, but know that we fully intend on offering a “Developing ____” workshop again in Fall 2015!) So for those of you waiting until the next “Developing” cohort, or if you weren’t ready to commit to this intensive workshop now but are curious for the future, please checkout and experience this process with us. Let us know what you think, and contact the Nexus Lab if you have any questions.

Developing Wassaja Website
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Extending Qualitative Data Through Computational Methods

How do experts in humanities and social science fields make meaningful interventions when working with large collections of documents? How do we move from text data to public, community, or organizational change?

Nexus Lab Director, Michael Simeone, and Assistant Director, Jacqueline Hettel, have been leading projects in the Nexus Lab that address exactly these questions for the last 6 months and have decided that it is time to share their expertise with the ASU community. The IHR Nexus Lab announces its spring working group in Text-Based Modeling (TBM) for faculty and graduate students, where participants will learn how to move from document collections to datasets, from datasets to analysis, and from analysis to presentation and impact.

The TBM group will meet once a week during the Spring Semester of 2015 to learn new methods and skills, devise methods for analysis, and collaborate with other participants. Sessions will last one hour, with an optional hour afterward for additional work. Once participants are enrolled in the group, consistent attendance at the TBM group meetings is mandatory. Location will be the Nexus Lab, 5519 Lattie F. Coor Hall at ASU Tempe Campus, 2pm Friday afternoon starting January 16, 2015. Click here to register and get more information!

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Developing Wassaja: The Nexus Lab’s First Project-Centered Workshop Series

Beginning January 2015, the Nexus Lab will launch a new project called Developing Wassaja. We would like to invite you, our friends (as well as our future friends), to help us to develop a web application to feature this amazing humanities collection of rare, Yavapai newsletters written by Carlos Montezuma in the early 20th Century that has been curated in a joint effort by ASU scholars (David Martinez and Jodi Reeves Flores) and the ASU Library (Joyce Martin), and funded by an IHR Seed Grant. By participating in this weekly workshop series to create a web application for these amazing clients, we want to give you all the opportunity not only to cultivate a complete set of skills necessary for creating sustainable digital humanities projects (from project management to web scripting), but to add a project to your professional portfolio by being a member of this team.

Team meetings will begin Friday, January 16th, 2015, at 9:30am. This will take place in the Nexus Lab (5519 Lattie F. Coor Hall) every Friday. For the first hour, our meetings will focus on mapping out team plans while introducing new skills. The second hour, team members will be encouraged to take advantage of Nexus Lab resources and mentorship to work on developing the Wassaja digital resource. The Nexus Lab team’s expertise will be enhanced by training collaborators like Bruce Matsunaga (English), Sydney Lines (Lightworks), and other colleagues of the Nexus Lab.

We know this is a significant commitment and would like to encourage those people wanting to truly become a part of an #ASUDH project to join us. Click here to register as a member of Developing Wassaja and to get more detailed information. We look forward to having you join our team!

The Carlos Montezuma Wassaja Newsletter Project logo
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On Friday, September 26, 2014, we held our very first Research Advancement and Innovation Forum. Mark Tebeau, Associate Professor and Director of Public History, presented on his ongoing research in developing a web-based toolkit for the annotation, analysis, and discovery of oral histories. In the brainstorming session that followed, there was a lot of discussion around ideas for features to extend the usefulness of this application to projects across multiple disciplines that have very different research questions and needs.

There was so much interest and excitement around this project, that the Nexus Lab is now putting out a call for participants in a working group focused on applying this toolkit to audio-based research for projects in different disciplines—click here if you are interested in joining this group.

Ultimately, we at the Nexus Lab think this was a great success and want to invite everyone to join us at our next Research Advancement and Innovation Forum on October 24, 2014, in the IHR Nexus Lab.

Nexus Lab RAIF | Collaborative Innovation in Action
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