Thank you for an inspiring 2018 Nexus Gathering!

Thank you to our colleagues for an amazing 2018 Nexus Gathering, which was the official launch party of the Nexus Digital Research Co-op (formerly the Nexus Lab). We were so pleased to have our colleagues in the space to celebrate our community and chat about possibilities. Thank you, also, to those who were unable to make it in person, but became members of the co-op via our membership form.



The Nexus Digital Research Co-op will spend this semester focusing on 3-5 seed projects, with co-op members dedicating their time and expertise to developing these projects as a community, learning or teaching new skills in a creative, collaborative space. Members are encouraged to bring their expertise and/or learn skills in topics such as (but not limited to): grant writing, copyediting, archival research and telling local histories, transforming and documenting datasets in different formats, and exploring topics related to the Internet of Things. 

During the get-together and based on conversations with our colleagues beforehand, Nexus is also planning to organize brainstorming sessions to facilitate broad topical conversations and transdisciplinary communication. We also plan to continue organizing Possibility Lunches, inviting co-op members to present briefly on a topic and then encourage discussion that advances future co-op projects, research, or resource sharing. And our Nexus space (RDH 197) is open from 9-5pm for co-working hours almost every day - we welcome you to inhabit the physical Nexus space with us as we each work to shape the future of digital research at ASU.

Thank you to the Nexus community for your interest in community development, mutual care, and distributed expertise.

Keep up with co-op work, projects, and more by checking our Nexus Twitter feed or checking the Nexus workboard located at Arizona State University, Ross-Blakely Hall, Room 197 (pictured to the left).

Interested in joining the co-op? Our membership form is now live.