2017/11/08 | Praxis Salon: Embodied Practices for Digital Technology Research

a workshop on palpability

A workshop on palpability

Join HS Collab and Nexus for this fall's first Praxis Salon on "Embodied Practices for Digital Technology Research." In this workshop, we will explore the central role of palpability - or the felt experience of our moving bodies - in digital technology research and scholarship. This workshop is for anyone exploring new digital technologies in design, scholarship, or art making. Previous movement training neither expected nor required.

In this workshop, attendees will:

  1. Engage in movement-centric explorations of both analog and digital materials,
  2. Relate data and algorithmic design to one's own lived experience,
  3. Reflect on the ways in which digital technologies (in)directly affect our conscious practices. 

RSVP is required, and attendance is limited to 12 participants. RSVP here!

Event Information


Nelson Fine Arts Center (FAC)
Room 231
51 E 10th St
Tempe, AZ 85281